Duble lanyard


Lanyard with detachable metal carabiner and mobile string.

Delivery: 3 – 7 days.

Printing options: Screen printing.

Min. sampling quantity: 50 pcs.

Product measurements: 20×550 mm.

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Duble lanyard

Duble lanyard with detachable metal carabiner and mobile string. Lanyard for holding a name badge, ID card or keys.

Duble is ready for screenprint. We can do it for you!

Widely used at conferences, festivals, events, exhibitions, clubs, colleges, sporting occasions, and for anywhere requiring marketing or identification of personnel or group members, the application is endless.

lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards. In the military, the thing were used to fire an artillery piece or arm the fuze mechanism on an air-dropped bomb by pulling out a cotter pin (thereby starting the arming delay) when it leaves the aircraft.